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It’s no secret that the home improvement business is booming on Long Island and in Nassau County in particular.  There are literally thousands of contractors from which to choose.  So, how exactly does a homeowner choose just the right contractor for their job?  With over pricing, incompetence and inexperience, unreliability and inconsistency more prevalent than ever, homeowners have a difficult and often unwieldy decision to make that can jeopardize their most important investment: their home.

We at HomeTime Remodeling, approach every single job as if it is our only job. We treat each and every home as if it is our own home. And, we personally oversee every aspect of the project from a realistic scheduled start date to a practical date of completion. While in your home we like to feel like family, but we’re not looking to move in.

If you’re in the market to remodel your home, look to HomeTime Remodeling while shopping around for a qualified, experienced contractor.  However, always consider the following points before selecting a home improvement specialist.



Let’s face it the old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than when applied to residential construction. Cutting corners is just not a smart option when remodeling. Sure, everyone wants a deal, a bargain and a break, but usually those deals, bargains and breaks add up and up and up.  Hire an inexperienced, untrained contractor who sells their services on price alone by utilizing a “pay as you go” payment schedule, and chances are you’ll receive an inferior product that will cost you more than you bargained for. They lack the basic skills necessary to calculate a job correctly and accurately.   True professionalism, competence, experience and honesty don’t come cheap.  That’s also not to say that the most expensive contractor is always the best either.  We at HomeTime Remodeling offer quality and value for your dollar and strongly believe that there are no shortcuts to calculating a job correctly. By accurately pricing every aspect of the job, from carpentry to plumbing to electrical, we present you with a legitimate, on-budget estimate. However, there are times homeowners will incur additional, unforeseen costs, they include:

  • Authorization of Additional Work – Homeowner requests upgrades, changes, etc
  • Code Related Violations – Homeowners must comply with existing building codes.
  • Other Hidden Costs – Some unscrupulous contractors will purposely write vague estimates and job descriptions, leaving out items the homeowner believed were included.


There’s nothing worse than considering a contractor who’s experienced enough, but lacks the professionalism to close the deal.  We at HomeTime Remodeling firmly believe professionalism and experience go hand in hand.  We expect our in-house employees and contracted subs to always act in the most courteous and professional manner when dealing with every member of the homeowner’s family. We want you to be our client. That's why when we set up an appointment, we show up. When you call us, we call you back. Period.


One thing is for certain: HomeTime Remodeling has the home improvement experience, over 20 years’ worth, to get the job done on-budget and on time. There’s no excuse for incompetence and inexperience in this business.  Homeowners need to do their homework and research contractors in their area and learn how long they’ve been in business, how many customers were truly satisfied with their overall performance and if they would recommend them to their friends.  At HomeTime Remodeling, our experience and our professionalism gets us job after job after job.


How does HomeTime Remodeling receive the majority of our business?  Through word of mouth. We pride ourselves on having satisfied customers. It’s not unusual for us to work on a number of houses in one community.  Neighbors like what they see when our sign is on the front lawn of a customers home.  They’ll ask about us then request additional references so they can visit more homes we’ve completed in the area. Nine times out of ten our relationships with our customers grew stronger as the jobs progressed.  Not many contractors around today can say that. And, any contractor who refuses to present their references is a contractor not worth your time and effort. 


Before selecting a contractor, the number one rule is to do your homework and really research the company you’re considering hiring. Also, don’t make cost your only factor in your decision. Remember, professionalism, experience and honesty are built into our business so we can build a quality home for you at a budget you can truly afford. I am not asking you to believe me, call me any time to request past and current client phone numbers.


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